Catalonia has got a rich past, leaving behind countless romanic churches and monasteries. Well maintained ruins of catharian castles are traces of the last battle against the crusaders. One of the most beautiful cloisters in Europe can be found in the cathedral in Elne. A couple towns further you can see the biggest oak barrel in the world.

In Salses you can visit a completely maintained fort.


A almost completely maintained medieval city is in Carcassonne. You should definitely visit the Gorges da Galamus, one of the most beautiful canyons in France.


You should also visit Collioure, a beautiful little fishermen’s village. It is one of the most beautiful towns in the Mediterranean. Many known artists have lived here.



The next big city is Perpignan with the castle of the kings of Mallorca and a beautiful old town.




In Sigean, there’s a big park with many African animals, which can be visited every day of the year due to the hot climate.

The Pyrenees are 25 kilometers away from our cottage. The biggest mountain is the Pic de Canigou, which is so large that it can be viewed from St. Cyprien. In the Pyrenees, you can also visit the Monastery St. Martin de Canigou, the valley of the tortoises or the cities of Castelnou and Villefranche-de-conflent.


50 kilometres behind the Spanish border in Figueres, there’s a big museum of the artist Salvador Dalí, who was born there.